Nauticus Hull

Nauticus Hull 14.0

Nauticus Hull is a software for strength assessment of ship-structures
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Nauticus Hull is a powerfull software package for strength assessment of ship-structures covering a wide range of analysis. Already in use by more than 200 shipyards and ship design offices around the world. Nauticus Hull has established itself as a preferred software tool for design and verification as well as structural and hydrodynamic analysis of ships.


Based on DNV’s strong industry knowledge and expertise, the system provides a highly efficient environment for design and verification. It is a complete structural analysis package, developed by naval architects for naval architects. The system is an important part of the design and verification work for more than 200 users worldwide. High quality technical support and a development strategy based on the latest technology make Nauticus Hull a safe long-term solution.

Brix Explorer
Brix Explorer is the main entry point to all the Nauticus Hull programs. It organises the work and gives easy access to various templates for typical jobs to be carried out. The user is guided through the relevant tasks and data are gathered in a single database for each job. General information about the ship, such as dimensions, applicable rules, compartment data, loads, etc, is stored in the database and shared by all the programs. The Brix technology will also enable you to build on Nauticus Hull’s pre-defined templates to create your own customised workflows, integrating your best engineering practices.


A complete solution
Nauticus Hull is available in different configurations, from basic Rule Check package to advanced systems for wave load and finite element analyses. For all packages, a common user interface, with intuitive toolbars combined with specialised modelling wizards, minimises the learning period and user threshold. With less time spent on generating models, more time can be spent on essential design-process decisions.

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